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Bring the action closer with LianTronics LED displays. Whether highlighting the 2014 Brazil World Cup or your university graduation ceremony, our LED displays make sure that every audience member has a clear view of what's going on and plenty of reasons to cheer their favorites on. If in advertising, customize a giant curtain LED display to hang down a building in a high-traffic area or choose an elegant stand-up display for indoors. With our world-leading manufacturing techniques and talented engineer and service teams, we will make sure you get the best LED display for the right price.

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Main Products
    1. Small Pixel Pitch LED Display

      LianTronics has launched the V series of LED displays which are small pixel pitch LED screens. With pixel pitches of 2.5mm, 1.9mm, and 1.6mm, these LED display screens are seamlessly made, have a long life span, and deliver sharp and clear images for a variety of applications. Because of its high reliability, the LED display is an ideal choice...

    1. R Series Rental LED Display

      The R series LED displays are designed to serve as rental LED screens for indoor and outdoor applications. They come with pixel pitches ranging from 3.1mm to 7.8mm and a panel size of 500x500mm. An integrated handle, extremely light and slim panels, and optional magnet design all contribute to their popularity among customers.

    1. RC Series Indoor Rental LED Display

      The RC Series LED displays are classic rental LED screens that are highly reliable, stable, and cost-effective. RC is the classic series of rental LED screens from LianTronics. These affordable LED display screens are used at concerts and events and within subway stations, bars, and high-end department stores.

    1. RK Series Outdoor Rental LED Display

      Designed as outdoor rental LED screens, the RK Series of LED displays features light and slim panels that weigh 13.5kg and are 100mm thick. An integrated handle, self-check function, and thread locks are also included. The extremely light and slim panels of the outdoor LED display is the perfect choice for stages.
      The extremely light and slim panels of the outdoor LED display is the perfect choice for stages.

    1. M Series Stage Rental LED Display

      With pixel pitches of 7.8mm, 10.4mm, and 12.5mm, the M series stage LED display is specially designed to serve as an indoor or outdoor rental LED screen. Its high transparent rate presents original sound and makes the display screen more resistant to the effects of wind. The outdoor stage LED display screen allows you to be more creative in your display as 90mm thick panels connect in a curved line from -15 degrees to 20 degrees.

    1. L Series Outdoor Fixed LED Display

      With extremely lightweight and slim panels, the L series LED displays are the perfect choice if you need an outdoor fixed LED screen. Because these panels are 50% lighter than traditional panels, they afford less wear and tear on your structure and are easier to install. This series is a great choice for shopping malls, central stations, stadiums and building exteriors where you want to advertise in high-traffic areas.