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    1. VA Series Fine-pitch LED Display Standard display: Different definitions, like, HD, FHD, UHD, and SHV could be realized with different numbers of total pixels, allowing an excellent reduction in accurate video content. Meanwhile, image’s blurring and distortion caused by its zooming in or out could be well avoided. Thus, images will be perfectly presented.
    1. VH Series Fine-pitch LED Display With a perfect panel size design, the display ratio easily reaches the commonly used resolution of 1920 x 1080 with a certain number of VH panels. Under the dual conditions of a prescribed signal source and a specific scene, the splicing cost is significantly reduced for its flexibility.
    1. VL Series Fine-pitch LED Display With an aspect ratio of 16:9, the VL series panel size is designed in 650 x 365. This makes the HD LED display easy, fast and efficient to assemble into the common display ratio of 4:3 or 16:9
    1. VP Series Fine-pitch LED Display Key Features of VP Series LED Display
      1. Ground-breaking lightness
      2. Support for both rental and fixed installation
      3. Two options for aviation connector
    1. V Series Fine-pitch LED Display Free from gap in joints, ultra-wide viewing angle, uniform brightness and no color deviation;
      High color gamut level for live broadcast standard, and intelligent adjustment towards color temperature
    1. RE Series Indoor Rental LED Display RE series LED display is designed for all kinds of indoor uses, like, evening parties, ceremonial events, opening and closing ceremony for sports event, indoor advertising, movie theaters and etc.
    1. R Series Rental LED Display

      The R series LED displays are designed to serve as rental LED screens for indoor and outdoor applications. They come with pixel pitches ranging from 2mm to 4mm and a panel size of 500x500mm. An integrated handle, extremely light and slim panels, and optional magnet design all contribute to their popularity among customers.

    1. RA2 Indoor Rental LED Display

      Light weight less than 8kg for each panel. Calibration storage function makes it free from re-calibration after replacement of module and receiving card. Independent design of module, frame and control box. Modules and control box can be installed and maintained from either front or rear.

    1. RA2S Indoor Rental LED DisplayRA2S indoor rental LED display features light weight. Each LED module is 8kg.
      RA2S indoor rental LED display is featured by ultra-high-definition display.
      Led module is equipped with adhesive high-end flexible cover. It is easy to replace.
    1. RL3 Indoor Rental LED Display1. Each panel weighs only 12.5kg.
      2. The LED display is easy to maintain.
      3. The RL LED display features a fast locking mechanism
      4. Maintenance can be carried out from both the front and back.
      5. Great heat dissipation
    1. RK Series Outdoor Rental LED Display

      Designed as outdoor rental LED screens, the RK Series of LED displays features light and slim panels that weigh 13.5kg and are 100mm thick. The extremely light and slim panels of the outdoor LED display is the perfect choice for stages. Brightness(nits):5500;Serviceability:Rear.

    1. M Series Stage Rental LED Display

      With pixel pitches of 7.8mm, 10.4mm, and 12.5mm, the M series stage LED display is specially designed to serve as an indoor or outdoor rental LED screen. Its high transparent rate presents original sound and makes the display screen more resistant to the effects of wind.

    1. F Series Outdoor Advertising LED DisplayThe F Series advertising LED display is an outdoor LED screen that uses DIP technology to advertise in all kinds of weather. Because of its heat dissipation properties and long service life, this screen is ideal for open, public spaces.
    1. FL3II Lighter & Slimmer Wall-mounted Indoor LED Display74mm thick panel with a weight of 15kg pushes itself to the limit, which saves cost of supporting structure and transportation. Module, power supply, receiving card can all be maintained from the front, and magnetic design reduces module replacement time down to 5s.
    1. FS Series Outdoor SMD LED DisplayDesigned to be an advertising LED screen, the FS series outdoor SMD LED display has an IP65 high protection grade which ensures its stability and reliability in harsh environments. Its low power consumption makes it a cost-effective choice.
    1. LS Series Ultra Light & Slim Outdoor Fixed LED Display Pixel Pitch(mm) : 6.66
      Pixel Density(pixels/㎡) : 22500
      Pixel Configuration : SMD
    1. L Series Outdoor Fixed LED Display

      Weight is 50% lighter than traditional panels, which puts less wear and tear on the structure.The super thin LED display won't harm the building's exterior and will still look nice. Interchangeable modules makes it easy to maintain. Low power consumption reduces operation costs.

    1. FC Series Indoor Fixed LED DisplayThe FC series indoor LED displays are fixed LED screens with pixel pitches of 3mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, and 6mm, that meet a variety of applications. High precision die-cast aluminum panels ensure the entire display screen is flat and seamless.
    1. LTV Series Indoor Advertising LED DisplayThe LTV series LED display is a line of high-end indoor advertising LED screens. Containing a quad-core processing unit, these advertising LED displays can process a large amount of data and support multi-network access, making them more versatile to provide a wide range of advertising solutions.
    1. PP Series LED LightboxThe PP series LED lightbox is a giant LED signage display for high-end advertising. Equipped with a hot backup system and double backup power supply, the advertising LED display can broadcast and connect to cloud technology.
    1. S10 Stadium Perimeter LED DisplayWe’ve partnered long-term with such companies as the Maracana Stadium and for large events such as the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil, providing stadium LED displays that feature clear, sharp images and a wide viewing angle for live broadcasts to large audiences. Our sports LED displays make any game good.

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